Hi Performances, Sustainability and COst REduction in machine tool industry

The project, presented in the "Call for strategic industrial research projects aimed at the priority areas of the Smart Specialization Strategy" passed by DGR [Deliberation of the Regional Council] 774/105 implementing action 1.2.2 of POR-FESR 2014-2020, arises from the need for ever-increasing sustainability, combined with the reduction of environmental impacts, the improvement of performances (such as productivity and the quality of the finished product) and the development of the ability to self-adapt to changing working conditions. The Hi-SCORE project brings together two important laboratories (MUSP and ISTEC) and a number of companies operating in the sector, in an effort to respond to these needs in the machine tool sector and, more generally, in the field of instrumental goods for industries.

The project objectives break down into three main themes:

a. Innovation in the design stage – integrated techniques of integrated design (mechatronics), prediction of the quality of machined products, use of damping materials.

b. Innovative strategies for increasing performance during use – reducing consumption and increasing performance through process monitoring and control.

c. Improving the performance of chip removal methods through innovative technologies – such as the use of cryogenic cooling lubricants, ceramic materials and coatings in tools.